To everyone that entered, you’re one of us.

We asked why you needed to switch off. And you told us.

From spreadsheets to sickness, bosses to busyness, inboxes to insomnia, it’s clear something has to be done.

This 9-5 existence kinda sucks, it’s not the way we should live, time we all put a stick in the hamster-wheel of modern life.

Switching off is a critical part of being on. Taking some time to stare at the sky again, exploring without a purpose, sleeping well and just being alone for a while are our commandments. The wild, our remedy.

We all feel it, like something once there but forgotten. It’s time we remembered. Let’s all get off the grid more often and feel free again.

To help you get started, with a knowing nod from across the aisle between desks, we’re offering everyone who entered our giveaway early access to our new collection of hideouts, and the ability to book at current rates before our new models have to go up a little bit.

We’ve added you guys to our secret list so keep an eye out and book using the code ‘SwitchOff’ when the time comes!

We know that a lot of you out there still might not be able to take part for reasons so we’ll also be gradually setting up a lottery with free nights going out every quarter to folks in need. Will be in touch.

Good vibes,

Your spirit animal, Unyoked.


Photo by @the.feelong.when

Photo by @the.feelong.when

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Banner photo by @sammyhawker